European Bilberry blueberry extract
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European Bilberry blueberry extract
European Bilberry extract, European blueberry extract, whortleberry extract, huckleberry extract, 5%-36%anthocyandins, juice concentrate brix65

Name: European Bilberry extract

Synonym: vaccinium myrtillus,European blueberry, whortleberry, huckleberry 

CAS No.:

Sourcing: the fruit of European bilberry

Specification: Anthocyanidins 25% UV, Anthocyanosides 36% HPLC, juice concentrate brix65

Appearance: Violet fine powder

Package: 25 kg/drum,1 kg/bag



Bilberries is a rich source of anthocyanosides, compounds possess potent antioxidant properties which can protect capillaries from free radical damage, 
Because capillary damage is a primary factor in a number of diseases such as diabetic, retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts and an eye disorder called macular Degeneration. 
Anthocyanosides may also promote the formation of connective tissue through their protective effects on collagen synthesis and repair and, thus, may also Improve vascular circulation. Bilberry also contains vitamin C, which is another antioxidant.


(1)Treat circulation disorders, varicose veins and other venous and arterial problems. 
(2)Improve circulation to the eyes and help with eye strain and visual acuity. 
(3)Cure the ocular disease, cataract, glaucoma, hemorrhage of the eyeground. 
(4)Deal with retinal disturbances, day and night blindness, myopia and pigmentary retinitis