Purple Sweet Potato Extract
Category: Skincare Cosmetic  Publish Time: 2010-06-16 20:37 

Purple Sweet Potato Extract
Purple Sweet Potato Extract,Ipomoea batatas extract,

Name: Purple Sweet Potato Extract

Synonym: Ipomoea batatas extract

CAS No.:

Sourcing: Root of Ipomoea batatas L. 

Specification: 1%/2%/5%/10%/20%/30%HPLC

Appearance: Brown or Red Fine Powder

Package: 25 kg/drum,1 kg/bag



1. Antioxidation, antimutation and liver protection.


2. Strengthen body physiques.


3. Lose weight and fit, and even anticancer.


4. It is becoming the optimum food owning to its non-pollution, green and organism characteristics.


5. Purple Potato embody affluent nutrition of Selenium and anthocyanidin.